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CUNA Councils White Paper
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  The Merger Kit is the one comprehensive resource that will lead you through every step of the merger process successfully.  It is structured as both a plan to follow, as well as an extensive resource toolbox for Boards, CEOs and senior management teams to draw from throughout the entire merger process.

With over 1000 pages of model documents proven to work, the Merger Kit will save you tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of man hours in legal work, and strategic planning and merger expertise. 

You’ll find 30 Excel spreadsheets and action plans, 80 Word documents, 16 PowerPoint presentations, and more than 100 PDF documents—all customizable to maximize your merger success

  This one-of-a-kind Kit was compiled by the executive team of Westerra Credit Union, who completed two nationally-recognized mergers within 20 months, in conjunction with the decades of credit union strategic planning and merger expertise of Nice Enterprises, Inc. The teams put their extensive experience and expertise together to share with other credit unions.┬áThe result is this powerful resource, written and produced by the people who orchestrated these successful mergers.